The most detailed guide to shortening links to make money with Link1s in 2021

In this article, I will guide you to make money with in the most detail in 2021 , from how to shorten the link, from how to withdraw money and recruit refs to get referral commissions. If you are the first person to learn about how to make money with shortening links, this article is for you. See all the details and you will understand immediately. In this article, I will use as a guide for you. First we will learn about this way of making money first.

What is shortened link to make money?
It is easy to understand that you have a long link, you shorten it and share it with others, when others go to that link and go to the original link, you have money :).

Too simple, right?

That’s it, below I will introduce details as well as instructions to make money with Please remember to read each detail carefully so that you do not have trouble in the process of using link1s to make money.

About Link1s is a website shortening links to make money born in 2018 (you can check the info domain), but growing very strongly in 2020 until now (existing and developing stronger than 1 year), has pay over 2000 withdrawals and have a lot of members. There are many famous websites/bloggers about MMO making money online in Vietnam that review Link1s. This site has a large support group on facebook, the admin is super enthusiastic. So you can rest assured about the long-term reputation of Link1s that you use.

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Is a shortened site first in the world with features Ranking (ranking), earning method (method of making money). The most awesome thing I’ve seen so far.

Advantages of Link1s.

Payment: daily (fast in 24h to receive money).
Minimum payment: 3$ (you only need 3$ to withdraw money).
Various forms of payment: Momo, bank transfer (vietnam), paypal, payeer…
With Earning Method feature: The method of making money can choose to increase the rate of $ 5/1000view for Vietnam.
Features Ranking: Monthly hot money bonus rankings.
Quick support: 24/24 via many social networks.
Instructions to register for a Link1s account
To register an account on you can access this link or go to this link to register under your ref .

Click the Sign up button to register an account on
Then you just need to fill in the information as required on the photo including, username, email, password or you can click log in with Google so you don’t need to fill it out.

Fill in the information and check the box to accept the terms Link1s
So you have registered an account on Link1s extremely quickly and easily.

Instructions for shortening links
After you have successfully logged in to the website, click the New Shorten Link button… and paste the link to shorten and press Shorten.

It will shorten and out link as below image.

How to shorten links on Link1s
You just need to bring that link to share with everyone.

EARNING METHOD feature (method of making money)
With this extremely cool feature, Link1s will help you increase your super high revenue, which can always be up to $ 5 / 1000 views for Vietnam.

Features Methods of making money on Link1s
You have full freedom to configure the link you like to increase your own revenue. Has extremely detailed English language support.

Each method will have a different price list ( Payout Rates )

Each method will have a different price list on Link1s
Default The default format of the link that will output that ad type.
Level 1 Automatically all links into 2 step.
Level 2 Automatically all links into 2 steps with pop-up ads.
Level 3 Automatically all links into 4 step…

Video on how to make money on Link1s
Referral Feature (Referral Commission)
This feature helps you get a commission when you refer people, friends, and use Link1s.

You will get 20% lifetime commission. The commission is paid by Link1s exclusively to you. The person who ref to you will not lose anything.

Video recruiting referral commissions on Link1s
Instructions for withdrawing money on Link1s.
To withdraw money on Link1s, you need to earn minimum withdrawal amount of 3$.

Then you need to fill in the correct and complete payment information so that Link1s can transfer money to you as quickly as possible. This part is extremely important, so please be precise.

Note: The information in Billing Address is for contact, not important.

This information Billing Address is for contact not important.
Steps to fill in information to receive payment from Link1s

First you go to Settings> Profile
In the Withdrawal Method box, you choose the method of receiving money, for example momo or bank…
In the Withdrawal Account box, you need to fill in completely and exactly as the request that I have taken for you below.
Be sure to see the arrows below the photo.

Six reasons to admit a bonus One insurance policy.

Extremely important information to receive payments on Link1s
After filling in the information correctly, you just need to go to Payment and click on the blue Withdraw button as shown below and wait. You can check the status information in the status box.

Pending: Our payment is being checked by our team.
Approved (approved): Payment has been approved and is waiting to be sent.
Completed: Payment has been successfully sent to your payment account.
Canceled: Payment has been cancelled.
Return: Payment has been returned to your account.
Note: If the money is returned, it is because you entered wrong or incomplete information to receive the money, for example, if you receive momo but fill in only the phone number, the money will be returned to that account. At that time, fill in the information correctly and then click withdraw.

Withdrawals on Link1s
That’s it, done. Just wait, the money will be back in 24 hours. Please do not contact us less than 3 days. If it is more than 3 days and you have not received the money, there may be something wrong at that time, please contact the admin for admin link1s to check and help you.

I usually withdraw money in the same day. Hope you get more views.

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You can share the link on facebook, youtube, social networks or this website and also earn a lot of views.

As about, I have preliminary details on how to make money with Link1s for you to understand better. You can shorten or recruit refs to make money. In 2021, I still find this form of making money quite delicious, especially this Link1s has many attractive features.

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